I figured I should make this New Years Resolution post before I get too drunk to do it. Yes, I’m drinking by myself on New Year’s Eve. Don’t judge me. 

First, in 2014 I want to fall in love a thousand times. Any less would be a complete and utter disappointment. I want to fall in love with strangers and with new places and tv shows and movies and books and boys and girls. I just want to fall in love with everything around me. I want to kiss as many people as I did in 2013 but that’s going to be hard because it’s a really high number (also I have no idea what the number is). I want to keep things casual when it comes to dating because that’s the way I like it and I’ve learned from my most recent relationship that, at 22, it’s okay to have commitment issues. I don’t have to be in love right now. The idea of only kissing one person for the rest of my life is not appealing to me, and that’s all right.



I want to writeA lot. Because I can. Because I no longer have homework and I’m not a student so I literally have no excuses. 

I want to lose weight but so does everyone else in the world so that one’s pretty boring. 

I want to apply to grad school! Which requires letters of recommendation and putting together a portfolio of my writing and taking either the GRE or the MAT which requires studying and all that fun stuff. 

If grad school plans fall through, then I want to find a real job, because working at the Food Lion forever is not an ideal situation. It actually breaks my spirit. It’s just awful. 

I want to blog! Not every day, because I did that in 2009 (for most of the year) and it was such a difficult task and I don’t want to put deadlines on myself now that I’m finally done with school. So as long as I blog at least a few times a week I’ll be satisfied. 

I want to read all the things and watch all the movies.

Ok I’m done with this post because I want to drink more. Also I plan to post at midnight, or right around there, my first selfie of 2014 and I’ll probably be drunk so it’ll be funny. 

What are you guys’ resolutions? 


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