Happy Easter!

So it’s Easter weekend and because so many people took the weekend off at work, I’m working 8/9 hours every day. It’s difficult. Luckily, I’m easing the pain with alcohol. In the true Easter spirit, drinking mostly wine. While at work, I heard a mother telling her child that if he didn’t stop crying, the Easter bunny wasn’t going to bring him anything. Which got me thinking. I’m not religious. And I’m not particularly interested in having children. But maybe someday. If I did have a child (only one, that’s the max), what would I tell them when it comes to religion-based holidays? Christmas I would celebrate the same way, because I love Christmas, just without the whole Jesus’ birth thing. But Easter doesn’t have much of a point for people who aren’t religious. I really like the idea of, once I have a family, creating a new holiday with new traditions. It’d be something special so that my kid won’t feel left out when their friends are getting visits from the Easter bunny and going to church on sunday, etc. I have plenty of time to come up with the details of the holiday and to give it a name. I’m really excited about this new plan, though. 

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Work is killing me, but I’ll be back soon! Promise. Unfortunately, I’m slacking on my Camp NaNoWriMo play, too. Hopefully I will get back on it soon. It’s hard when the days and times you work changes every week. My schedule this week is a lot better than this past one, so maybe I can get more done. Wish me luck! 


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