My Day and Stuffs

I weighed in tonight, and I’ve lost a total of 29 pounds since January 1st! Super exciting and I hope to continue to increase that number before I go to Florida in May. 

I’m having one of those days with Camp NaNoWriMo where I’m like, ‘I’m ahead on my word count so I can skip writing today,’ which is awful because all it takes is one day without writing to mess everything up and get me off schedule. But I got very little sleep last night and worked long hours today and I am in a very fragile emotional state right now, which will either harm or enhance my writing. Maybe I’ll try to finish the scene I started yesterday and then go to bed. 

The good news is, I’m off work for the next three days and will have plenty of writing time! And this weird emotional place I’ve been stuck in for the last few days is adding an interesting touch to my writing. My writing definitely reflects the mood I’m in so I need to try to stay consistent or the play will end up all wishy-washy. 

Oh, I’m currently reading Every Day by David Levithan. I really love his writing style and I find myself getting lost in it the same way I did with his chapters of Will Grayson, Will Grayson. I hope to read all of his books. Maybe instead of writing, I’ll read a bit more and then sleep. That way I can avoid writing a scene like the one I had to delete because it was too much like fluffy gay fanfic (not that there’s anything wrong with fluffy gay fanfic, that’s just not the kind of cheese I want in my story this early on). 

My dog just came and got in bed with me and that made me cry because I worry I don’t spend enough time with her so now you know what I mean by ‘fragile emotional state.’ As a little reminder to myself because I forget things easily, I decided tonight that Booby and #1 Bird Dad are the kind of couple I want Nat and Matty to be. And when I start writing sentences like that in blog posts it’s time to step away from the Internets. Goodbye, Internets. 


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