Day 27: Turn-ons and Turn-offs

27. List five turn-ons and five turn-offs.

Turn ons: 

  • Intelligent/bookish/well-read.
  • Beards.
  • Foreign.
  • Burly/tall/chubby. 
  • A good sense of humor!! Funny!! !!!!
  • Gingers. (I know, that’s six, shh.)  

So if you meet a tall Indian guy who’s studying to get his Master’s degree in English Lit or a burly flannel-wearing ginger who looks like he could be a member of Mumford & Sons complete with a full beard, please direct him my way. Thanks. 

Turn offs: 

  • Guys who say “I’m not much of a reader.” (aka every guy who has ever tried to date me) Just guys who are generally not intelligent or have no desire to learn, because that’s what I live for. 
  • Guys with low standards, both for themselves and for me. It’s the biggest turn off when I know a guy is only trying to date me because he thinks he has a chance with me/I’m easy. I will not be someone a guy settles for. The next time I date someone, it’s going to be someone who honestly wants to be with me because he likes me and finds me attractive, etc. 
  • Guys who are racist/homophobic/sexist/conservative/self identify as redneck/etc. Living in the South, in a town where guys drive pickup trucks with confederate flag stickers all over them, it’s hard finding a liberal, progressive, forward-thinking man who goes against the way he was raised. Which is why I’m single and don’t plan on dating until I leave this small town. 
  • Clean-cut, preppy, khaki shorts and polo shirt wearing guys. They can be cute, but they all look the same to me. I like guys who stand out. Rugged men win over pretty boys every time for me. 
  • No sense of humor. Boring. Dull. Lifeless. Plain. Unfunny. If you can’t make me laugh, we’re not going to work. 

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