Day 24: Romance

24. What’s the most romantic experience you’ve ever had?

One romantic moment that stands out in my mind is when my first ever boyfriend (who is now a registered sex offender, long story) told me he liked me. I had a crush on him for like a year and we ended up becoming good friends and we sat together on the bus all the time (I know, I spend a lot of time with boys on buses, don’t judge me). He wasn’t attractive but for some reason, I thought he was. I thought he was the bees knees. One of my best girl friends knew I was friends with him and she liked him, so she told me to talk to him for her. Reluctantly, because I’m a good friend, I agreed. So I told him that she liked him, and he was like, I’m flattered, but I like someone else. And I got all awkward and uncomfortable/sad and was just like “oh..okay” or something. And then he told me that it was me he had a crush on. It was just a really sweet, simple moment and the first time (since preschool) that a guy expressed romantic interest in me. And it was a guy I’d liked for a long time, so I was elated. I’m not big on super over the top romantic stuff, so simple things like that are more sweet to me than big grand gestures/professions of everlasting love. At least, in real life. I love all things love and romance when it comes to TV shows and books and movies. I’m an extreme shipper. And I’m even like that when I have a crush on a guy. But when we’re actually dating, I’m like, ugh stop saying cute things you’re weird. Maybe I’m just dating the wrong guys. In fact, I know I’m dating the wrong guys. 


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