Strengthen Your Core

I found these simple exercises on the Weight Watchers website and they’re pretty simple ways to strengthen your core muscles and help with back pain, which is something that I deal with after a long shift at work. You guys should try them out. They’re not very difficult so pretty much anyone can do them. 



Do you guys have any fun and easy exercises that you like to do? Feel free to share!


2 thoughts on “Strengthen Your Core

  1. Heres what i love donkey kicks, they are fun and fit! I learned it in yoga kids teacher training but i use it with adults too. Try it and let me know how much fun u have! Lol

    Donkey Kicks are Fun and Great Exercise
    for building strength and Rejuvenating

    Here’s the simple steps for Donkey Kicks:
    Come into downward dog pose then move your weight into your hands.
    Kick one leg up high and then the other up, then land them on the ground.
    Then switch which leg goes up first and repeat.

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