Dark Horse Workout

I found this dance workout and decided to try it on a whim. And it was hard. Really hard. And my legs are killing me. But it was kind of fun, and short, which made it bearable. I couldn’t do it all the way through without stopping, I took a lot of breaks. I’d never do it in front of anyone, because I’m sure I looked ridiculous. But I like it and will hopefully be doing it again and can continue at my own pace, maybe eventually working my way up to doing it all at once. You guys should give it a try.

Also, weight loss update, I’ve lost 23.8 pounds since January and still going strong. By my next weigh in (Monday), I should reach a really exciting goal that I’ve been striving for for a while now. My average weight loss is 2 pounds a week which is healthy and this is beginning to feel more like a lifestyle change than a diet.


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