Day 18: Halloween

18. Post a picture (or more than one picture) of you when you were a kid in a Halloween costume. Talk about what you remember from that night. What’s different about how you dress up now? Do you even dress up at all?


Don’t make fun of me, middle school was a hard time for everyone.

Anyway, I was a fairy (I guess?). I remember I went camping with my family that weekend, we went camping a lot at this place called Green Acres and we always went on Halloween weekend because they had all sorts of fun activities, including a costume contest. I don’t think I won that year, but I did win the year I went as a hippie, and I thought about including that photo in this post but it’s too embarrassing. I remember that weekend walking around in my costume thinking I was the cutest thing ever in my purple lipstick and magenta wig.

I didn’t really dress up in high school that I remember, maybe one year, I’m not sure. But I dressed up every year in college. My costumes typically went one of two ways: sexy or nerdy. I’ve been a sexy nun and a sexy sailor, both very boring costumes because I was too lazy to put effort into something cool. And then the years I actually cared, I was the Doctor (Doctor Who) and Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter). It was definitely more fun dressing as something I liked and cared about, costumes that meant something to me. I’m missing a year because I was in college for an extra semester but I may have just not dressed up that year. Sophomore year, I think?

I don’t know if I’ll dress up now that I’m out of college. It’s no fun if you’re not going trick or treating or going to a wild college party.


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