30 Day Challenge: Wild College Memories

Day 13. What’s your best memory from college?

This is hard because I have so many! I’m gonna make a list. 

1. Barefoot on the Mall sophomore year (I think) was a really great day. It’s one of those days where you lay down at the end of the night and know it’s been a day you’ll always remember. Everything was perfect, from hanging out with Maggie for the first time outside of class to seeing Jason Derulo to an impromptu trip to the movies to watching part of The Hangover on the grass on the mall. I just felt alive. It was a day that made me think, this is college. This is what college is supposed to feel like. 

2. Late nights in the library with my best friends. Whether it was just me and Maggie, laying on the floor together, close to tears, or me and Hazel finding a perfect study room and staying there until our morning classes during finals week, or a whole group of us having fun and doing work and getting cussed out at 2am (long story), it was always perfect. I mean, it was often stressful, and sometimes Joyner was the last place I wanted to be. But I knew I never had to go alone, and that was what made it so special. 

3. The Shakespeare field trip. English Club went on a trip to Staunton, VA to see three Shakespeare places at the Blackfriars Playhouse. The actual plays were all right, but the real fun was spending time with Maggie and Hazel, exploring the town, shopping at antique stores, etc. And it’s the weekend that me and Hazel became true friends so that was a beautiful moment. 

4. Late night car time with Hazel. We’d sit in her car late at night (usually with Cook Out) and just talk and spend time together and be ourselves. It was always really lovely. She would touch my face and serenade me with whatever was playing on the radio. Those times will always mean a lot to me. 

5. Seeing Cartel live at Barefoot on the Mall and meeting Will Pugh. It was like my middle school dream come true. I cried. That was another one of those really special days that I will forever cherish. Meeting him was great but it wasn’t that I was just starstruck. It reminded me of how depressed I was in middle school, how I genuinely wanted to kill myself, and I’d lock myself in my room and listen to bands that I loved and I didn’t feel so bad. And meeting him and realizing how great my life turned out, how much better it got for me, was incredible. When you’re that depressed, hearing that “it gets better” doesn’t help, because you think it never will. But I had an “it got better” moment and it was everything. I think I sobbed for at least 2 hours and my roommate thought I was crazy but it was so cleansing and perfect. 

6. Coffee dates with Chris Thomas. He was my best guy friend in college. I met him freshman year and though we argue and disagree and get on each other’s nerves constantly, he meant a lot to me and was a huge part of my college experience. We’d go to Starbucks and stay there for hours just talking, it was great. 

7. Parties at Brittany’s. I made a lot of questionable decisions at Brittany’s parties, but I never regretted any of them. I would drink and become a whole new person, more confident, flirty, outgoing. I remember the first party I went to at Brittany’s, we hadn’t really hung out outside of class before this point and it was so much fun because I’d only ever been drunk like twice before that point. After that night, Brittany and I became a lot closer and I stayed up all night talking to Russell after we sobered up and he took me home that morning. It was a good night, and every party after that was great, too. 

8. Halloween. Halloween at ECU was legendary. Every year. But mostly this last year, because I did a lot of things I’d never done that weekend (like go downtown with friends and throw a party at my apartment and lose my virginity). Looking back, I half wish that I were single that weekend, but I guess at the time I was happy. 


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