Day 12: The One That Got Away

12. Out of everyone you’ve ever dated or crushed on, who do you consider “the one that got away”—the one you put on a pedestal and compare every other girl/guy to?

Alex and Tim, no question. They are two of my past crushes and they are the picture of perfection. Ok, not really. But they are essentially what I want in a boyfriend/husband. Looks wise, they’re both exactly my type. One is a chubby tall ginger with a beard and the other is a chubby average-height guy with a big black beard. I love love love beards. Alex (ginger) was extremely funny. Like comedian funny. I love funny guys. He was slightly flirty with me but I was too awkward and not confident the way I am now or I’m sure something could have happened there. I even rode with him to the beach once and met his parents who were presh. Like I wanted them to be my in-laws. And Tim was smart. Incredibly smart, fluent in Spanish, reads the New Yorker, writes really well. If you combined these two gentlemen and took away the fact that Alex is religious and the fact that Tim smokes, he’d be my perfect guy. I also liked that they were both quite a bit older than me. Alex was 26 (I was 19/20) and Tim is 32 (I’m 22). I don’t think I would have had a chance with Tim even if I tried, though. I will probably (at least for a while) compare future crushes/boyfriends to those two guys. 


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