Day 10: Names

Day 10. It happens to the best of us: you meet someone, they tell you their name, and you automatically make assumptions about them based on the one piece of information they’ve offered. What names cause you to develop preconceived notions about people?

List time!

1. Jesse/Jessie. I tend to have a thing for people with this name, and I’m not sure why. It just sort of happens, like Maggie and her ‘Josh’ fetish. I’ve dated two, one male and one female and it’s possible that that number will increase at some point. I’m into J names in general. I’ve also dated a Jake

2. Chad. I really hate the name Chad. One of my uncles is named Chad and he’s a really cool dude. You know how everyone has a cool uncle and then the other uncle? Chad is my cool uncle. But that doesn’t change the fact that when I meet someone and find out his name is Chad, I’m immediately grossed out. It just sounds skeevy. A guy named Chad took my virginity but I try not to dwell on that fact.

3. Steven/Stephen. I have issues with guys named Stev/phen. Typically I dislike ‘ph’ Stevens more than ‘v’ Stevens. My neighbor as a kid was named Stephen and I abhor him for reasons that I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts but am not going to go into again. My first boyfriend was named Steven, and he is now a registered sex offender. So I’m not a huge fan of people named Steven. And it’s not fair but that’s how life works sometimes.


4. I’m really into girls with ‘K’ and ‘C’ names. Maybe it’s some weird conceited thing because my name’s Kristi and my last name starts with a ‘C’, but I’ve dated a lot of girls whose names start with those two letters. Karina, Kiara, Chandi, Caitlin, etc. I know that there is at least one ‘K’ name that I’m forgetting and I feel bad but she was probably not very memorable. (Just kidding. I have just, clearly, dated too many people.)

5. Donna. If someone is named Donna, I immediately assume that they are a friend of my mom. Because he has at least 4 friends named Donna and they all have the same basic personality.

6. Ashley Elizabeth/Marie Jones. I know at least 6 girls named Ashley Jones and they all have one of those two middle names. When I meet someone new named Ashley Jones I can’t help but think of them as generic, even though a lot of the Ashley Jones’ I know are fairly unique. If your last name is Jones, please don’t name your child Ashley. Let’s just stay away from the name Ashley in general. It’s not a bad name, it’s just so unfortunately common. I remember having 4 or 5 Ashley’s in class at a time constantly all through school, even college. I feel like if you are named Ashley, you have to try extra hard to stand out in life. Which I guess can be good. I’m backtracking now because I realize that out of the 10 views this post will get, 8 of them will be named Ashley.

7. I like guys named Travis. They’re just A+ people. They win at life.


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