Day 8: Oh, Why You Look So Sad?

8.What makes you sad?

I’m not sure what I had in mind when I came up with this topic. Oh well. 

Books and movies and TV shows that are sad made me sad, but that’s usually on a surface level (unless it’s Doctor Who because that’s a whole new level of sad). Thinking about the future makes me a combination of sad and terrified. Especially when I think about my life as a whole and that I only get one life and sometimes it feels like I’m wasting it. It makes me sad to think about the fact that (unless reincarnation is real) I will only ever be me. I mean, I like me all right and everything, but I could definitely be better. That probably sounds awful. But it’s just a bummer to think that I’m stuck this way. Luckily, there are always ways to self-improve. But I’ll never be an entirely different person. I guess that’s one reason I love to write, because for a little while, I can be someone else. I can be anyone. It makes me sad that I don’t write enough. Because that feels like the one thing in life that I love to do, and instead I waste time doing pointless things that won’t make me happy. Wow. Maybe I needed this blog post to think about all of this so I can start to be better. Write more. Do more. Become a better version of myself. Maybe it was fate that I chose this topic to wake myself up and to stop sleepwalking through postgrad life. 

Speaking of doing more, I’m planning on creating a syllabus for myself. It’s going to be like an extreme to-do list with set dates by which I must finish specific tasks. I’m going to post it here when I’m done as a way to (hopefully) hold myself accountable. That’s coming soon! 

If you’d like to participate in this 30 day challenge, you can find it here.


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