Day 6: Fat Babies

6. What’s your favorite unbelievable but true story to tell?

This was yesterday’s prompt, but I was in Greenville all day (the town I went to college in) visiting friends so I didn’t get the chance to post. 

It’s always fun to tell people about ‘the time when I was 12 and I went to the Dominican Republic and a woman handed me her baby and walked away.’ Also ‘that time my first ever boyfriend got arrested for molesting an 11 year old.’ Or ‘that one time I fell in love on chatroulette.’ And ‘the time that my friend made a guy show me his penis because I’d never seen one before.’ There’s also ‘that time my ex boyfriend dropped out of college to become a buddhist monk.’ All equally fun stories that are almost better when they’re not explained. 

I’ll tell the first story because it’s the most interesting and least believable. I went to the Dominican Republic when I was 12 on like a mission trip, and the last night, we had this big outdoor party in a poor neighborhood. I was sad about leaving because I loved it there. At some point, this woman came up to me speaking in spanish (I don’t speak spanish) and handed me her (very fat) baby, said some more stuff I didn’t understand and then walked away. I tried to follow her but lost her in the crowd and then couldn’t remember what she looked like and I started panicking and crying. Finally I found my mom and she laughed at me because I was crying and holding some lady’s baby and looked pitiful so she did the only appropriate thing: she took pictures. So there are photos of me holding this fat baby and crying. I don’t feel like digging out those pictures right now though. Finally I gave the fat baby to my mom and I guess the woman eventually came back for her kid. 


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