Day 3: Awkward Phases

3. Post a picture of you during an awkward phase and a picture of you now (like a before and after).

Awkward phase? What awkward phase? I’ve always been adorable!


Just kidding. There’s a time in everyone’s life where something happens (puberty, probably) and suddenly, we’re all ugly. Some people’s awkward phase lasts just a few months, but for most of us, it’s years. 

I had some trouble finding pictures from my truly awkward stage, probably because I wouldn’t let anyone take my picture during those years. Seriously, I went through an entire box of photos and for a few years, every family vacation photo is of my mom, dad and brother. I placed myself conveniently behind the camera. It was like, for a few years, I became a yeti. But here’s a pretty awkward photo of me. 



I was clearly excited about getting Bratz dolls. 

This is me now. A selfie I took on Saturday. 



I’m out of the awkward phase and proud. If you’re one of those people who’s thinking I’ve never had an awkward phase, you’re probably in it right now and will realize it in a few years. Don’t worry, you’ll get through it. Stay strong. 


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