Day 2: The Future

2. Describe your ideal future. What’s your family like? Are you married with kids? Working at your dream job? Hobbies? Travel? Let your imagination run wild.

If I could plan my ideal future, I’d be living someplace warm. My parents are obsessed with Florida and they’ve passed down that love to me. So I could definitely see myself living there, or California, but Florida seems a lot more doable. This isn’t about doable, though, it’s about ideal. So one of the two would be nice. I’d always have a tan. I’d be serious long term relationship, preferably with a really tall guy with a beard who is super smart. I’d be at my goal weight. Maybe we’d adopt one kid, but not until we have been together for a while. If I lived in Florida, I’d be a successful writer and I’d travel often for book signings. If I lived in California, I’d want to be writing for film or television. That’d be pretty sweet. I’d want to live with my boyfriend in a nice apartment and maybe eventually own a home, I guess whenever we decide to adopt. But the idea of having a house is scary to me. It’s just so permanent. I’d want to do a lot of traveling no matter where I live. That’s pretty much it. I just can’t wait until I really start doing things with my life. 

If you’d like to participate in this 30 day challenge, you can find it here


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