Unique 30 Day Challenge!

Maggie and I put together another 30 day challenge! We’re starting it on March 1st (tomorrow). Feel free to blog along with us! It’s going to be a fun month. 

1. Document everything you eat for a whole day.

2. Describe your ideal future. What’s your family like? Are you married with kids? Working at your dream job? Hobbies? Travel? Let your imagination run wild.

3. Post a picture of you during an awkward phase and a picture of you now (like a before and after).

4. Try something new today; blog about it.

5. How do you feel about fate, coincidence, and “the power of the universe?”

6. What’s your favorite unbelievable but true story to tell?

7. Find a dream wedding dress online.

8.What makes you sad?

9. Destiel: Talk about it.

10. It happens to the best of us: you meet someone, they tell you their name, and you automatically make assumptions about them based on the one piece of information they’ve offered. What names cause you to develop preconceived notions about people?

11. Do your numerology here. Find your Life Path and your Attitude numbers, and write about whether or not you think they’re accurate.

12. Out of everyone you’ve ever dated or crushed on, who do you consider “the one that got away”—the one you put on a pedestal and compare every other girl/guy to?

13. What’s your best memory from college?

14. You can tell a lot about a person by looking at what scares them. Name a few times in your life where you were truly terrified.

15. Scroll through your Favorites on Tumblr and share some of the best/funniest posts.

16. Think of some possible (humorous or serious) titles for your memoir if you were to write one.

17. If there was a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?

18. Post a picture (or more than one picture) of you when you were a kid in a Halloween costume. Talk about what you remember from that night. What’s different about how you dress up now? Do you even dress up at all?

19. Talk about a recurring dream you have.

20. Describe the best day of your life so far. If you can’t pinpoint just one, you can describe any really good day that stands out in your mind.

21. What’s one thing you’d rather pay someone to do than do yourself?  (Source: http://efcarletti.wordpress.com/2011/12/28/50-good-questions-to-ask-yourself-and-others/)

22. Talk about your first kiss.

23. What would your superpower be?

24. What’s the most romantic experience you’ve ever had?

25. What are your family’s Christmas traditions? Or another major holiday tradition?

26. What’s the weirdest thing on your bucket list?

27. List five turn-ons and five turn-offs.

28. Talk about a time where you did the right thing even though you knew it’d hurt someone’s feelings or you’d be judged or persecuted for it.

29. Have you ever met a celebrity?

30. What are your top 10 favorite names? List 5 boy names and 5 girl names.


8 thoughts on “Unique 30 Day Challenge!

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  6. Hi! I happened stumble upon your blog while browsing under the Tag “beauty”. I find your blog simple but charming and am feeling inspired by your lifestyle change. Though I haven’t read a lot of your entries, I think I’ll find them worth reading. If you don’t mind, I’ll be reblogging this post of yours.


  7. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Stumbled upon this post and I would probably try to do this either simultaneously with Blogging 101 or after Blogging 101 is over since it also takes 30 days.

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