Most days, eating healthy isn’t so bad. Some days I don’t even notice a difference, and I have more energy and feel better in general. But other days, like today, I feel deprived. It’s been a struggle. The temptation to sit down with a spoon and a jar of peanut butter is strong. It doesn’t help that I’m feeling deprived of a lot of things lately: food, a social life, boys, alcohol, parties, and I’m even missing going to class and reading (interesting) textbooks and being graded on things like papers and projects. I’ve been trying so hard to give myself some sort of structure but it’s proving difficult. Without obligations outside of work I feel like I lack purpose. I can deal with it most days, but it’s weighing hard on me today. Thinking about it isn’t helping, so I’m going to drown my sorrows with a good Netflix binge. 

On the bright side, Buzzfeed agrees that I should, in fact, be a writer. 



Now if only I could scrounge up some motivation to actually write.


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