Happiness is Not an Endgame

For the past few days I’ve been struggling with the whole dieting and living a healthier life thing. This always happens. I start strong and then I plateau and end up quitting before I can make a serious different. I just want to fast forward to the day I’ll be at my goal weight and happy. But I’m binge watching this bad TV show right now (I won’t even say what, it’s just something I started a few years ago and haven’t managed to get through yet) and it actually had a pretty wise moment. One of the characters came to the realization that everyone around him was striving for a particular goal and they felt that once they made it to that goal, they’d be happy. He realized that happiness is not a goal. You don’t just wake up one day after achieving your goals and are suddenly happy forever. Happiness comes and goes. Reaching a goal doesn’t guarantee that your life will be perfect from that point on. Even if it seems that way in your head.

I’ve spent so much time imagining how perfect things are going to be for me once I reach my goal weight. But that’s not going to fix my life. I’m not going to lose weight and then magically be able to drive without having a panic attack or wake up in the morning and have a fantastic job. Once one goal is reached, there is always another one not far behind, and living life from goal to goal, not allowing yourself to be happy except for the 5 minutes after you’ve reach one, is an amazingly stressful way to live. I need to come to terms with the fact that I may not ever reach my goal weight. I may not ever fit into the size jeans I want. But does that mean I’ll never be happy? Of course not. Success is great and it’s important to have goals, but we’ve got to allow ourselves to be happy even when things aren’t perfect for us. Because life is never going to be perfect. But specific moments in time can be. Moments spent with people you love and who make you happy. And in those times, it’s not going to matter if you’ve reached all of your goals. I guess the point of this post is to say not to make yourself wait to experience happiness. 


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