Truth and Trolls

I’ve been writing and reading a bit of flash fiction lately and I came across this story, The Faerie and The Knight on Valentine’s Day. I really enjoyed it, and was especially struck by the final line. 

“The mind creates a colorful enough reality, I’ve found, and love always forges a much sweeter version of the truth.”

How necessary is the truth in love? When asked what the most important aspect of a relationship is, answers like “honesty” and “communication” and “trust” are three of the most common responses given. I wonder if that changes with age? I think there’s a difference between being truthful and being true, and the latter is more important in relationships. I’m not advocating lying to your partner, but being completely truthful in every situation is not only unnecessary, it’s also very boring. Maybe it’s just the writer in me that enjoys hyperbole and colorful exaggerations and make-believe, but if I’m dating someone and he’s late for dinner because he forgot or was stuck in traffic, I’d be perfectly fine with him telling me that on his way to meet me he was stopped by a troll that lives under a bridge and the only way he was allowed to pass was by solving three elaborate riddles. 

Be creative with your partner this Valentine’s Day. And if you’re single, find a fellow single person, whether it be a friend or a relative or a crush, and tell them that Pope Francis and President Obama got together and declared that the new name of the holiday is Single’s Day and that the Single’s Day tradition is to go see three bad Valentine’s movies in a row or to go to a fancy restaurant in silly mismatched outfits or to go mini golfing and out for ice cream despite the cold February air. Just do something because the whole ‘sitting at home watching sad movies and crying alone’ thing is so 2006. 


2 thoughts on “Truth and Trolls

  1. Thanks for reading Flash Fiction Online. So glad you enjoyed Izabella Grace’s “The Faerie and the Knight on Valentine’s Day”. Terrific blog post! – Anna, Publisher FFO

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