I did it!

I reached my goal!! At the Weight Watchers meeting tonight I found out that I lost 4.4 pounds this week, making my total since I started the program 15.4 pounds! For a total of 17 since January 1st. Pretty exciting stuff. Which means, I get to buy myself a Fossil watch!! I’m so happy that I’ve made it this far and that I’ve stuck with it and followed through with my goals, and I hope that I continue to do so. I’m thinking about making another weight loss goal and trying to come up with a reward for when I meet it, so I’ll be sure to let you guys know when I figure out what I want that to be. 

Thanks for all the support I’ve gotten here from you guys, it means a lot. I’ve found that what’s helping me the most is setting small weekly goals for myself and following through with them but still rewarding myself and occasionally indulging (for example, I’m having a beer right now, haha). I think blogging helps me to hold myself accountable so I actually stick to (or at least try to stick to) my goals for myself. 

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but when I took the MAT I made an average score. Perfectly average, actually. There was only a two point difference in my score from the average score of people who take it. I was hoping to do a bit better, but it could have been worse and it was my first try. I hadn’t done much studying at all. I took a few short practice tests and that was it. And there’s plenty of time for me to study and retake it for a better score. This was a trial run, a practice test and next time I’ll be prepared and I’ll know how to study for it. I’m confident in my abilities and I’m not going to let it stress me out. 

Valentine’s Day is 4 days away!! I’m so excited. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet, it all depends on the weather because we’re expecting snow over the next few days. I’m just glad I don’t have to work and I’m sure I’ll find something fun to do, even if I’m stuck inside. 


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