Baby Fever

I recently started watching PARENTHOOD and while it took me a few episodes to get into it, it’s quickly becoming an addiction. I adore it. Shows like this one make me rethink my stance on having kids. This one in particular makes me want a big family with crazy in-laws and nieces and nephews, the whole shebang. I have to constantly remind myself that real families aren’t like the ones in these shows. At least, mine never has been. And real children aren’t like the adorable ones in TV shows. Not that all kids aren’t adorable or anything. But in general, kids annoy me. I’m not a kid person. I babysat for the longest time and I hated it. I’m really good with certain age groups, aka birth until about three or four. and then I can’t stand them. Once they start to talk and aren’t as adorable I just can’t handle it. 

I like the idea of children and the television versions of children, and while I think it’d be great to have this tiny person call me mommy, I just don’t think the reality of it is worth it. Which sounds awful, but when you become a parent you essentially give up everything and devote all of your time and attention to the tiny person. You’re no longer yourself, you’re a mom/dad. Maybe when I’m older I could possibly become this maternal figure and be less selfish and then be able to have a kid, but I can’t imagine that happening any time soon. I’m too much of a child myself most of the time. 

All this being said, PARENTHOOD is still causing this weird desire for a kid. But clearly, not a real one. Maybe I should write a kid character in a story or something. I like that. I can choose how they look and how they act and their age and stuff like that. Or just play Sims and have a kid. That’s another thing, whenever I play Sims I so look forward to my Sim getting pregnant and having a baby and for a while it’s so fun taking care of the kid and decorating its room and everything but then I get bored with the kid and hire babysitters to take care of it until it gets to be like a teenager. It’s really sad. 

Babies are pretty neat, but I don’t want one, at least not for a while. 


2 thoughts on “Baby Fever

    • Aw it’s so good! But I totally understand. I’m clearly not a kid person at all and yet it’s somehow giving me baby fever, so I don’t blame you for not wanting to risk it. Haha.

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