It’s Day 4 of following the goals I set for myself for the week and I’ve slacked on a few of them. Last night I went to bed an hour later than I’m supposed to but I still woke up before 11 so I don’t feel too awful. I haven’t been drinking anything other than water and coffee but the beer in my fridge has been calling my name for the last few hours. We’ll see how that goes and if I’m able to resist temptation. I’ve been exercising daily which is awesome. Still no luck with quitting my bad habit. I know it’ll happen eventually but I just don’t have the motivation to stop right now and I’m trying to be accepting of that and focus on the other little changes I’m making in my life. I’ve been writing which is awesome. Working on the same piece a little bit every day. I only have 6 pages and I’m not sure if it’s any good but that’s not what matters. It’s just exciting that I’m writing again.

Now that me, Maggie and Brittany are done with our 30 day challenge, I’m finding it a lot harder to blog every day. But I’m planning a few different posts and will hopefully have something up soon (besides life update posts like these).

I applied for a job at a bank today and I think I could have a pretty decent shot at it because my experience and education matches up really well with what they’re looking for, so we’ll see. I’m still waiting to hear from the office job at a car dealership. It’s one of those things where a friend of the family recommended me to the owner and he called, I dropped off my resume, so I’m just waiting to see what happens there. The jobs I’m applying to aren’t necessarily ideal for me, they’re not my dream jobs, but they’re practical and that’s what I need for now, at least until I get into grad school. I applied to a bunch of fantasy jobs when I first graduated, things that I know I won’t hear back from, awesome internships at TV stations, stuff like that. But now I’m trying to get serious and apply for jobs that I’m qualified for and that I have a shot at getting. I just need to leave Food Lion because it’s crushing my soul and all of my coworkers are teen moms or high school drop outs with no future plans or old women who have been there forever, people who are stuck there for their entire lives and it’s sad but I’m not going to end up like that. Part of me is terrified of that happening, so I need to get out. As soon as possible. Even if that means getting a job that’s just a few steps up from there, in an office or a bank doing something I’m not passionate about. What’s getting me through this stage is knowing that eventually I will be where I want to be, because I’m dedicated and I have the motivation.

The MAT is coming up this Saturday and I’m pretty excited but also nervous. I need to be studying, but, eh. This is like a trial run. If I do poorly, I can always retake it, or if I decide to, I can switch to the GRE instead. I’m trying to stay as stress-free about life right now as possible. Work is stressful enough.

Here’s a selfie from Tuesday, I went to the movies with Maggie to see THAT AWKWARD MOMENT. It was pretty awful. But we were the only two in the theater so we were able to talk through the entire thing. That was fun.


So that’s what’s happening with me. A lot of the same. But hopefully soon there will be big changes to report on.


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