30 Day Challenge: Day 30

30. If you woke up with different reproductive organs (no matter what gender with which you identify), what do you think would be the biggest challenge for you?

Last day of the 30 day challenge! This is exciting and a bit sad. And the prompt is kind of difficult. 

I don’t want to be that person who says “it’d be so much easier if I were a guy,” but, it’s a little true. I’m not saying guys have everything better, I’ve already talked a bit about some of the struggles guys have to deal with that girls don’t, but in general, guys have less problems overall than girls. It’d be so great to not have to worry about periods and to not feel as much societal pressure to look a certain way and to not have to give birth if I ever decided I want a kid. It’d be nice to know that I most likely won’t have to deal with being objectified by a coworker or boss in an obvious way. When I finally got a real adult job I’d probably have a higher starting salary if I were a guy. There are just a lot of advantages. 

But I think the biggest problem I’d face as a guy is not being able to express my emotions properly without being judged. I’m a crier. I cry during movies and tv shows and when I’m sad and sometimes I cry for absolutely no reason. If I couldn’t cry or talk to people about things that I’m going through without being called a pussy or being told to man up or just generally not being taken seriously, it’d make life quite a bit harder. 


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