30 Day Challenge: Day 29

29. Share an unpopular opinion.

I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of the challenge that I made with Maggie and Brittany! By the way, if anyone is interested in trying our 30 day challenge, you can find it here

I don’t like Sandra Bullock. There, I said it. I think she’s an overrated actress. I’m sure she’s a lovely person but her movies just aren’t my cup of tea. I was trying to think of a better unpopular opinion but this was the first one to come to mind. I wasn’t a fan of Gravity, The Heat, The Blind Side, The Proposal, The Lake House, the Miss Congeniality films, Crash, etc. As a kid I really liked While You Were Sleeping but I’m sure if I rewatched it I wouldn’t feel the same way. I feel like she’s a bit phony and she’s put on a pedestal like she’s America’s sweetheart or something. 

Op, I just thought of another one. Because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I’m going to include it. I, as a single person who has been single every year at this time, am in love with Valentine’s Day. I love the idea of it and I don’t care if it’s “cool” to have anti-Valentine’s Day parties or I hate Valentine’s Day parties or if it’s a “stupid” holiday that was created by greeting card companies to make money, and that we should show people we love them every day, blah blah blah. Sure, we can show people we love them every day, and a lot of us do. But this is the one day we can express that openly and tell people without it being weird. What’s wrong with a holiday celebrating love? I mean, honestly. Who cares if it was supposedly created for the wrong reasons? Does that mean that we shouldn’t celebrate it for the right reasons? If you’re single, so what? Use this day as a day to get together with friends, have a party, go out to the movies, buy each other small valentines, tell people you care about them, dress up nice, look cute, go out, have a good time, buy yourself something nice because self love is important to. That’s another big thing. I buy myself a valentine every year because like most people, I don’t show myself enough love. I’m hard on myself throughout the year. But I get this one day to show myself and those around me the love we all deserve, and I love that. This year, I have a Valentine’s Day goal of having lost 15 pounds since I started my diet, and if I reach that goal, which I should, I’m buying myself a Fossil watch. Because I’m great and I deserve it. Show yourself some love this year on Valentine’s Day. Because you’re pretty awesome. 


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