30 Day Challenge: Day 22

22. The government has decided that besides basic needs like food and clothing and shelter, each person may only have 10 possessions. This is a variation of the “you’re stuck on an island” thing. What 10 items do you decide to keep?

1. Evangeline and all of her accessories. I should probably mention that Vangie is my laptop. I love my precious little 11 inch macbook air and I have no idea where I’d be without it. Which is probably sad but my life was 200 times worse when I had a horrible toshiba laptop. I’m sure if I’d been born in another era I’d survive just fine and be just as happy, maybe even happier, but I wasn’t, and technology is important to me. 

2. Ray, my iPhone. Yes, Evangeline and Ray are names from The Princess and the Frog. Leave me alone. 

3. My TARDIS lamp. I need some sort of fangirlish item in my room. 

4. My Jonas Brothers t-shirts. I know that clothes are included in what we’re allowed to keep, but just in case we only get to have like plain clothing or something. This probably seems silly but the two Jonas Brothers concerts I went to were two of the best days of my life and I got t-shirts at both to remember them. Super sentimental but I love them so much, leave me alone. 

5. My books. Counting this as one item, because I can. So I’ll have all my john green books and the harry potter series and sarah dessen books and old textbooks and classics like Brave New World and Frankenstein. Yay. 

6. My Tempur-Pedic pillow, because like Maggie, I can’t sleep without it. Once you’ve gotten used to such an amazing pillow, ordinary pillows won’t do anymore. 

7. My stuffed animals. Yeah, I sleep with stuffed animals. I even bring me with them on weekend trips because I’ve become so accustomed to sleeping with them in my arms. It’s silly but I don’t really care. I’d rather sleep with them than a boy any day. (I have trouble sleeping in the same bed as other people anyway, unless I’ve done it before and am used to it. My ex only slept over once and I was up all night.) So it’d be my beaver stuffed animal that I got at the zoo in 4th grade, named Beaver (original, I know), my stuffed dog, Roscoe, that I got from my parents in 8th grade, and my newest addition, Walter from The Muppets. 

8. A quilt that my grandma made for me out of old t-shirts. 

9. My great grandma’s engagement ring. It’s the only sort of family heirloom I have that was handed down to me. 

10. My record player and all my records. I just got it for Christmas but I’ve wanted one for a while and I love it. 


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