As I mentioned in my last post, I’m going through a ton of old photos and I’ve picked out my favorites to share with you guys. 

If you want to know where my obsession with boys and crushing began, take a gander at this. 



I’m the one on the far right in the pink dress. Cute, right? This was daycare. The boy in the middle of the group with the blue shirt and the very blonde hair is Randy Whitley, my first boyfriend. He was also my first kiss. (I started young, I know.) I remember one day we went on a field trip and we sat next to each other and I asked him if he wanted to french kiss. We basically licked each other’s tongues and then gagged because of the cooties. Don’t worry, we were promptly immunized before and after the “kiss.” We kissed for real a lot too, we always got in trouble. Oops. Once our teachers let everyone skip nap time to have a fake wedding for us. Our whole class shipped us, even the teachers. It was totes presh. 

Ok I’m posting this next photo because I’m pretty sure I have never in my life looked as cool as I do right here. 



Everything about this picture screams badass. I honestly am dressed how a modern day indie/hipster person would dress and it’s fabulous. And I’m pulling a beautiful bitch face. I just love it. 

I got slimed as a kid, that was pretty sweet. 





I don’t remember exactly how old I was turning, maybe like 9? 10? But I do remember parts of this party and it was so much fun. I hung out with all guys as a child lol. There are two girls in the picture and I wasn’t really friends with them that much. The guy on my left was my best friend from 4th grade until probably my second year of college when we lost touch. It’s sad because he lives one house down from me. 



I was an adventurous child so one year I asked to go on a hot air balloon ride as my present. That was too expensive so instead, my parents surprised me with a plane ride. That was a lot of fun and I still remember it really well. Ignore my awful jean shorts. 



I’m on the left in this one. This is me, my brother, two cousins, and the girl in the very middle is Yana. She was like a sister to me. She came from Belarus every year in the summer for 6 weeks to stay with my family. Sort of like a foreign exchange thing except through our church and she didn’t go to school here or anything. We got her for 8 years until she was too old for the program. She was like a sister to me, slept in my bed and shared my room every year. We even took baths together when she first started coming (shh it’s not weird, we were young). I do miss her. She got on my nerves a lot when we were younger but as we got older we became closer. Now she’s married with a baby which is crazy. We skype every once in a while but it’s not the same. I hope to go visit her someday. 


We all have those stories that we tell our friends in one sentence without very much context because they’re hilarious and perfect that way. One of my one-sentence stories goes along with this picture.


Once when I was 12 and in the Dominican Republic, a woman handed me her baby and walked away and I started crying. Ignore how ugly I was, this was during the awkward years of middle school where everyone is ugly. If you’re wondering how the story ended up, don’t worry, the mother eventually got her baby back. And I eventually became less ugly. Not by much, and nowhere near as cute as I was when I was little, but such is life. 


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