30 Day Challenge: Day 21

21. Post a photo of something you’ve had for years and don’t really need or even want but can’t bear to part with because of its significance. Talk about why it matters so much to you.

Time to dig through my junk drawer. Last time I did this I ended up livetweeting while I read through a ton of notes from one of my high school boyfriends. That was fun. 

Ahh I found a bag with a ton of old photos and I’m going through them, maybe I’ll post some later. But for now: 



My old 80GB iPod classic that I got for my 16th birthday. This thing lasted me a looong time and had thousands of songs on it when it finally bit the dust. It doesn’t even turn on anymore (I don’t think? Haven’t tried it in forever) but I can’t bear to part with it. It was one of my best friends for a while which sounds lame and sad but true. Her name was Sabre (I name everything) and that sort of has to do with my ex Jessie and blah blah blah. 

But hey, check out my batman comforter and phone case in the reflection. Product placement. 


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