30 Day Challenge: Day 20

20. Make a 10-song playlist of your favorite songs at the moment and share.

This will be fun! Not going to put these in order because that’d be way too hard.

1. Your Body is a Weapon- The Wombats. So perfect. Just listen.

2. Thunder Clatter- Wild Cub. Oh god if you haven’t heard this one you’re missing out.

3. Lost At Sea- Dave Thomas Junior. Slowing it down a bit with this one. This is just really beautiful and a good song to listen to at bedtime.

4. Flapper Girl- The Lumineers. This song is just so lovely I don’t have the words. I listen to it after work when I’m in the worst mood and it makes me so happy.

5. Do I Wanna Know?- Arctic Monkeys. My friend Hazel called this song “the one with the sexy beat.” The whole album, AM, is sexy.

6. House of Gold- Twenty One Pilots. This is the best song to sing in the car.

7. Girls/Girls/Boys- Panic! At The Disco. You may have to change your underwear after watching the video.

8. Gold- Sir Sly. Fab.

9. Shark Attack- Grouplove.

10. Come A Little Closer- Cage The Elephant.

And a bonus track: Miracle Mile- Cold War Kids.

If you couldn’t tell, I listen to a lot of alternative/indie music. It’s my fav.


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