Things are looking up!

In December I applied for this grown up job my mom told me about. She met a woman through work who currently does this job and informed her that they were hiring. I didn’t actually expect to hear anything back from them. Well, today, a woman from the company called me. I didn’t answer because I was at the hospital, visiting my cousin, his girlfriend and their new adorable baby. Pause for a moment to reflect on his cuteness:





When he was born, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, he was blue and wasn’t breathing, which was scary. But he’s doing great and should be moved out of the neonatal intensive care nursery and into the room with his parents by now. 

But back to the job. I didn’t get the chance to call the woman back, because I had to go to my shitty food lion job. I’m going to call her tomorrow and I’m so excited. Did I mention the job is located in Texas and involves a lot of traveling? That would be perfect because I love traveling. I want my life to be like George Clooney’s in UP IN THE AIR. And yes, I know the whole point of that movie was that his life sort of sucks. But I don’t like people and I love planes so I think I’d be happy. I’m really excited to find out what the next step is. I know that getting a call from them doesn’t mean that I’ll get the job, but I’m done trying to not get my hopes up. It’s way too late for that. They’ve soared through the roof. And worst case scenario, I don’t get it and I continue in the grad school application process. 

I just adore the idea of leaving with a couple of suitcases and going all the way across the country for a job. It’d be an incredible experience. I’d get to reinvent myself the way people do in films when they move. I have lived in Zebulon, North Carolina for my entire life, and frankly, I’m over it. Texas is not my first choice in the long list of places I’d want to live, but it’s a start, and it’s different. Different is good. 

On an unrelated not, it’s SNOWING! Like, a lot. I adore it. It’s so gorgeous and I don’t have to work tomorrow so I can just stay inside and enjoy it from my warm house. 


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