30 Day Challenge: Day 13

13. What would you do if you won a life-changing lottery jackpot? Would you move, still work, invest, start a new life?

The first thing I’d do if I won a life-changing lottery jackpot is pay off all of my (and my parents’) debt. Student loans for me, and my parents have a ton of credit card debt. I’d pay off all our cars and our mortgage. I’d quit my job at food lion. I’d probably live at home while I applied to graduate schools in states/cities I’d want to move to, like California, Florida, Chicago, Portland and Michigan. If I got into any of them, I’d get a nice apartment in the city, but before starting school in the fall (or next spring) I’d go on a trip somewhere. Probably go to Europe and take some of my close friends for a week or two. Once I finish graduate school I’d start looking for a job, because I couldn’t live off of my winnings forever, and honestly, I could never be someone who just never has a real job. I’d like to teach creative writing at a University and write in my spare time, hopefully getting published. And I’d eventually go back to school to get my Ph.D. Also I’d probably spend a lot of money on books and going to the movies and clothes and such. 

I’m posting this now because it’s almost midnight and I’m working a lot tomorrow. 


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