30 Day Challenge: Day 12

12. Insecurities. They’re a thing. Share at least one of yours and a way you’ve managed to deal with it.

I’m not an extremely insecure person. I was in middle school because kids are mean. And through a lot of high school. But somewhere along the way, I learned the phrase “fuck you.” And I learned to say that in my head to anyone who was mean to me or made fun of me for the way I look. I know that I shouldn’t need validation from boys or anything but I’d be lying if I said that the sheer amount of boyfriends and flings I’ve had didn’t help get rid of my insecurities. Guys like me, so why shouldn’t I? It’s not the best way to think but if it helps me feel better about myself then, honestly, who cares. I’ve accepted the things about me that I don’t like, but I’m also taking steps to change them. Overall, I’m very confident most of the time and am working to make it so that I can be more confident and happy with the way I look. 


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