Glasses Nostalgia

I broke my glasses tonight. That’s pretty upsetting. Everyone loves them. When I’m working I get at least 5 “I like your glasses” per shift and at least 1 “you have beautiful/great/perfect skin” every other shift. (By the way, totes not an appropriate compliment to give your food lion cashier. Honestly. It’s a bit weird.) For a reference because I don’t think I’ve posted a photo of me in these glasses (I need them constantly or I’m blind but I take them off for pictures):



(yes I cut my ex out of the photo shhh)

Know what I think would be fun? I’m going to post a picture of me in every pair of glasses I’ve owned (at least the ones I can find pictures of) and write about something good that happened to me while wearing them. As a sort of tribute to my newly broken glasses. 



These are the most recent ones (besides the ones I just broke). I’m currently wearing them and will probably just wear them until I can get the other ones fixed or something. They’re giving me a headache though because the prescription is different. Something good that happened while I had these glasses: meeting and becoming friends with one of my (then) crushes. 



Before that came these. They were very purple which was fun but they’re kind of small for my current taste. When those were my glasses I had a really great roommate, we had lots of fun together (even though we’re no longer friends). 



(this post should just be called Kristi Makes Weird Faces in Selfies) 

So these were my 2009/2010 glasses. They were pretty cute and I think they went well with the darker hair I had in this photo. That was on New Years, I went to a party (the first “real” party I’d been to) and it was so much fun. Another good memory in these glasses was meeting Maggie. Aw Maggie we’ve been together through four pairs of glasses ❤ 



Ugh I don’t like these glasses at all anymore, they were way too small and rectangular. I made a lot of great memories in them though, throughout my first year of college. Dating Jesse and Jake, smoking (both weed and hookah), taking my first shot, dating Drew. Typical first year of college stuff. I’m pretty sure these were my first glasses so I wore these throughout high school. 

I really think that next I want to go for contacts. Would that make me officially an adult? 

Which glasses do you guys like best?


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