30 Day Challenge: Day 6

6. Let’s talk about sex. From kinks to fantasies to fun things you want to share. Don’t worry about sharing anything you don’t want to be public knowledge, just allow yourself to tap into your dirtier side for a bit.

Well this should be fun. 



The sex is good. I like, you know, engaging in it. This is more awkward than I thought it would be. I’ve only been with one guy, my most recent ex. I was not one of those girls who lost her virginity and then became crazy emotional and attached to the guy. I didn’t find it that big of a deal. And I think that has to do with the fact that I waited so long (I’m 22). I knew I was ready and I liked my boyfriend and that was enough for me. It was fun and we did it often. Sometimes 3 times a night. 

I could not imagine only sleeping with one person for my entire life. The idea seems romantic but I feel like people who do that are missing out on a lot. Also, I could never be with just this guy forever because he was a bit small. And that probably sounds really shallow and isn’t something I should be blogging about but it’s out now, I’m not backspacing. I just think that chemistry, both romantic and sexual, is important in a relationship. And size does, unfortunately, matter. To an extent. 



I was actually just talking about the sex with my friend Christopher on Skype and he said that I am “a real catch” because I enjoy giving oral sex but don’t really like receiving it. It just feels too personal and makes me all insecure and whatnot. Uhm. I don’t really have any kinks or anything, but I do kind of like the idea that we could be caught. So I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, sue me. 

Ok I’m done with this topic because I feel like I’m being random and inarticulate because it’s just weird to talk about when people I know follow me. I will conclude by saying that sex = good and I miss it a lot. 


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