Bad Habits

This is going to be very vague so I apologize in advance. 

I, like most people, have a bad habit. I quit a while back and stopped for a very long time and it was awesome. Well I’ve started back, this time with a vengeance. So it’s time to quit again. I’ve been telling myself every single day that I’m going to quit “starting now.” And I haven’t. So I’m making this post as an official “starting now” in the hopes that, because I made it public to my lovely followers (all 37 of you), I’ll be more inclined to hold myself accountable and actually quit this time. It’s worth a shot. It’s nothing huge, I promise. I’m not smoking or bulimic or anything severe. It’s just a minor thing but it starts to take over my life and that’s not what I want. I’ll probably post progress reports here about how I’m doing with it but hopefully I can stop cold turkey and be finished with it. 

Wish me luck! What kind of bad habits do you guys have? Are you taking steps to quit? 


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