30 Day Challenge: Day 1

1. Post a picture of the most embarrassing item of clothing you own and explain its origins in your wardrobe.
From: http://living-learning-eating.blogspot.com/2012/07/30-day-blog-challenge-day-1.html

This is a difficult prompt for me because I wear a lot of really weird clothes but I’m not embarrassed by any of them. My socks never match and I buy a lot of my clothes from thrift shops so they have a lot of “character.” Most of my sweaters once belonged to old men who probably died in them, but I love them. My friend Maggie’s mom makes fun of me because I have a yellow/orange cardigan that has lighthouses all over it. I have a shirt that has cats all over it. I have Hello Kitty footie pajamas. Anyway, here are the two articles of clothing I chose: 


This grandma sweater goes great at tacky/ugly christmas sweater parties. 


And these pants are always a hit, especially when worn on dates. 


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