I just watched DRINKING BUDDIES (2013, Joe Swanberg) and it was absolutely incredible. A new favorite. It was very simple which is something that I look for in movies. If a film can be simple with minimal plot and still make you feel all the things, it’s doing something right. There were a lot of really gorgeous shots and amazing character development. The best thing about the movie was how completely real and honest it was. It showed how people connect with each other emotionally without being melodramatic about it. The conversations were genuine (partially because a lot of the movie was unscripted) and there were moments that were uncomfortable and awkward with drawn out silences which added to the realism. The leads, Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson, were fantastic, along with Anna Kendrick and Rob Livingston. It was all about love without the big extravagant gestures and the cliché forced romance. It was the loudest in its quietest moments. 9.5/10. 




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